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EA to lose Exclusive Football license in 2014

EA to lose Exclusive Football license in 2014

Could it really be true? Has EA finally lost its exclusive football license? Thanks to a proposed settlement by Electronics Arts, over a 2008 class-action anti-trust lawsuit stemming from their aggressive pricing response to NFL 2k5 by Take-Two Interactive, EA has agreed to let its current exclusive deal with the NCAA run out in 2014.

As a long time fan of Madden and the NCAA Football series, I have to admit that this year will be the first that I won’t be picking up either title. For the last, oh I don’t know decade or so, I have been scouring the OS forums for impressions, previews, sliders, rosters, and any possibility of early releases. This year though, nothing I have saw or heard from either game has me interested enough to go out and pick either title up. Don’t get me wrong, I love both series and they are both really great games. Just to me, both series have reached a point of diminishing returns…where the changes that are made each year  don’t justify an annual purchase.

So with the news that EA will be losing the exclusivity to NCAA Football in a couple years, (ripe time for next generation consoles) I am quite optimistic that 2k or some other competitor will enter the mix and give EA a run for their money. I am also hopeful that this will lead to an end of Electronic Arts strangle hold of the NFL license.

Dare I say NFL 2K5?!

One can hope….

I want to give credit to this report as I first heard about it by Brendan Sinclair, Senior Editor at Gamespot on his twitter feed last night.

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  • Ted

    Madden 13 is pretty killer this year. Go Cards

    • James Reed

      Madden 13 was absolutely terrible